Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mickey Factz Interview

Street Cosignor: Don't give me no half ass answers, TALK YO ISH!!!

Street Cosignor: Name

Mickey Factz: Mickey Factz a.k.a. Heaven's Fallout

SC: Where you from?

MF: I'm from the Boogie Down Bronx. The place that birthed this rap sh*t.

SC: When did you decide that you wanted to become a rapper?

MF: When I heard Big Daddy Kane in 89. Ain't No Half Steppin. That did it for me. I love him to death for that record.

SC: Who are your rap influences?

MF: Big Daddy Kane, Big pun, Big L, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kanye West. The lyricists.

SC: You have a mixtape dropping on November 2nd titled Heaven's Fallout, How did you come up with that name?

MF: Basically, I'm looked at as a fallen angel. I'm here to change the way music is perceived by the masses, so we are changing the way music is viewed as well as other aspects of our culture.

SC: Did you collab with any artists on the new mixtape?

MF: I worked with Nakim, Jesse Boykins, Freaky Will from Ed Banger Records, Precize, WhyteBone, and the whole GFC family. It was really a solo album for me.

SC: If people wanted to get a copy of your new mixtape, where can they get it?

MF: They can download it for free on November 2nd at GFCNY.COM. We give great music like this away.

SC: You've dropped 5 mixtapes in 2 years, when other cats are still struggling to make 1, What advice can you give other artists that are trying to put out mixtapes?

MF: You have to have a game plan and stick to it. If not you will definately get sidetracked with so many other life issues. I take my mixtapes very seriously. I recorded them like albums. I advise artists to treat all their releases like its their last ones and give their all into it.

SC: What is your favorite mixtape out of all 5 that you have released?

MF: Currently, my favorite would have to be Heaven's Fall out and not just because it's my latest mixtape but because this is the most innovative and musical mixtape and musical mixtape I've ever created. It was also th fastest mixtape done. It was done in 3 months.

SC: What is your all time favorite Mickey Factz song?

MF: Wow, this right here is an awesome question. I would have to say Talk To Ish. Because I helped produce the beat and its so infectious and everybody is catching on to it. So that right there is the best and it's on Heaven's Fallout!

SC: Do you have any ideas for your next mixtape yet?

MF: The next release will be my album or Ep, which is titled "It'z Mickey!" After that Flashback Vol. 2 and Heaven's Fallout 2 will be released. I'm also working on a mixtape with Curtains titled Big Trouble In Little China.

SC: What are your strengths as an artist?

MF: My strengths is my ability to write a song about anything and make it catchy to the people's ear. I'm also very charismatic and boisterous. I have glow about me that can't be denied. My show performances are impeccable and I am extremely versatile.

SC: What are your weaknesses as an artist?

MF: As an artist I am sometimes stubborn. My A & R can attest to that. Sometimes there are certain things I won't do. But if I'm prodded enough, it'll get done. So I think that will be my weakness. I'm stubborn when I get to that point.

SC: I just heard an exclusive freestyle that you recently released called " American Mickey", where you addressed a few situations that occurred in 2007 ex... kanye's 'Knonichiwa", Crush management, & Mickey's love Mallory(who was featured on a lot of the tracks you did in the past) Can you elaborate on these?

MF: Ofcourse. I'll start with the Crush Management situation. I had recorded Never Fallout with Nakim and we released it. They got wind of it and showed interest in the song. They were goin to release an official remix with me, Travis from the Gym Class Heros, Kanye, and Lil wayne. I was pumped. Then other people started ending up on the song and we didn't like the direction of that so we declined to be on it. That severed ties with Crush Management on their behalf's. Kanye and Travis was in the booth with me during that time. He asked to hear one of my songs so he could goat about one of his songs. i played hime Rockin & Rollin and he went nuts! I said "Konichiwa B**ches" on that record. I also said it on my verse for the Arms Race Remix. Two weeks later its on Barry Bonds. Funny Right? As Far as Mallory/Drizz. That's my sister in crime and sometimes family problems get out of hand and people lose sight of who is really lookin out for your best interest inside and outside of music. Drizz knows that I would do ANYTHING for her. But when things pick up we'll be back as a tandem an I'm not worried at all.

SC: We know Mallory is Mickey's Musical soul mate, for the women who are inquiring is thre a Mrs. Factz?

MF: Ofcourse there is a Mrs. Factz. What the hell is wrong with you? Hip Hop is my wife. LOL.

SC:Whats good with the labels? Anyone hollering at Mickey? Meaning what labels are cosigning Mickey Factz?

MF: What labels are Cosigning Mickey? I would have to say every label I have been to assisting Mickey Factz i some type of way. I'm just currently looking for the right situation. But yes they're all hollering.

SC: There's a lot of artists signed who are type wack, who do you feel doesnt deserve to be in the rap game and why?

MF: I feel everyone deserves to be in it. Because it's a business and some people's grind is different from others. I just feel some really good emcee's are suffering and not getting the paper they deserve for there lyrical talent.

SC: Underground Cosigns?

MF: Curtains, Cool Kids, Freaky Will, Kid Sister, Kid Cudi, Jade, Kapps, Smoke & Numbers, Nymemsis, Nakim, whytebone, Precize, Ave, Charlie Clips, Oun P...So many of em.

SC: Street Cosigns?

MF: Kanye and Jay-Z. Holla!

Mickey Factz Heaven's Fallout available on November 2nd at for FREE!

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