Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kapps Interview

SC: Name

Kapps:Thelonious Kapps

SC: Age

Kapps: Classified

SC: Where did you get your name?

Kapps: Back when I was a young kid, I used to kill people sometimes. Thats where I got the name from "Bullets/Kapps" I used to hurt a lot of peoples lives and stuff. (LOL) Nah the TRUE STORY behind that is: I'm Kapps when you see me on stage, when you see my shows its very captivating to watch and Thelonious came from I'm inspired by Thelonious Monk but I'm definitely thinking about changing my name and using my real name Theophilus London but thats a different story.

SC: A lot of people have been referring to you as the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop. How does that make you feel?

Kapps: WOW!! That makes me feeling amazing! That’s my inspiration. That’s the reason why I do this. Before I perform I always watch him and talk about him 24/7 ask anyone who's around me. I think Thriller was the most genius album ever and it’s still selling today. 104 million records sold. So for someone to compare me to that and the general music I'm making, Man thas the best artist in the world. I love it man.

SC: What process do you go through when you’re writing your songs?

Kapps: When I wrote Thelonious, I got the beat from this cat overseas. I don’t have a computer at home so I went to the Apple store in Soho, and I put it on my on my ipod. I lived on Nostrand at the time, so it was like a 20-minute train ride. All I have to do is get in the groove. People were looking at me on the train like I was crazy, like "what is wrong with dude?” I'm feeling that! But to tell you the truth I really don’t put anything down on paper unless I need to. If it’s a complicated flow, I put it down. You just feel that energy. You don’t need to put it down on paper because it’s all in your head. You definitely need the melody, rapping is cool, but people recognize melodies. They don’t recognize rap.

SC: Who’s your favorite artist?

Kapps: My Favorite artist is Michael Jackson.

SC: What separates you from the emcees coming up and the emcees that are already in the game?

Kapps: I understand music and I understand the point of making timeless music & thats what I want to do. I feel a lot of emcees in the game are making music for the time. You got the snap records, you got the group records, the screwed up, chopped records, the I'm the cool guy records, but that’s now. Make music that’s timeless! Make music that’s timeless! Make music that’s forever! Make music that’s history! Make music that 100 years from now, you will still buy it because its felt.

SC: What can we expect from Kapps in 2008?

Kapps: Wow! The whole big deal is there’s no contract. I'm getting in. It's amazing and everything is going good. I'm definitely coming out with an album in 2008. It's going to be released in Best Buy, Itunes, all that. Definitely going to see videos. I'm working with the dude (Collin) who shot Jay-z's video Roc Boys. We’re about to get a permit in Times Square to shoot a video performing live for everybody. Everything is coming really good. It's gone be crazy. 2008 is going to be 2000 & EAT!

SC: What producers are you working with?

Kapps: The producers, I'm working with are Jimmy Edgar; he's dope, Clyde & Harry, & Machine Drum. I’m just dealing with straight Family. My label could get me the Swizz Beats, Just Blazes, & those guys, but I want to work with my family

SC: Speaking of the label your working with, you know I’m the Street Cosignor & I hear all the shit in the streets and word on the street is that you have a pending deal. Can you tell me if it’s closed, who is it with?

Kapps: Its like 2 days closed. I'm speaking to my lawyers now. I got this amazing deal and I don’t think I can turn it down. I cant tell you who' its with until we really really close the deal. I'm going to invite you to the record party (Street Cosignor holds Kapps to that invite) It's going to be dope. I'm so excited. Lub's (Lubna-GF) been on my side from day 1. We're both really excited and we're both knd of scared but its something new and I'm ready fro it. I'm so ready for it!

SC: Whom would you like to collab with in the future?

Kapps: I'd definitely like to do a song with Madonna; Prince if he's up for it, Stevie Wonder, Timbaland, I think is really dope. Pharell is another dude that’s amazing, and if possible you already know whom..."The Thriller Man" Michael Jackson.

SC: I’ve seen you perform a numerous amount of times. You’re all energized and shit when your performing & bring so much excitement to the stage, What gets you hyped up for your shows, what gets you motivated?

Kapps: This is what I do, & I hate myself for this. My body knows when I’m going to have a show. I either start losing my voice right before or my throat starts itching. I’m not going to lie I do get butterflies, but as soon as I step on that stage its like my home. I’m in my home cooking up some pasta. I just get on there and get loose. I feel like I’m in my hometown. When I’m on that stage. I feel like I’m in my room performing in my mirror like I did as a kid. That’s what it is. I just give that energy to the crowd. I’ve even performed at venues where the audience didn’t clap at all. It’s all about you having fun on stage. If you get worried about the crowd….then damn, you can be performing in front of an opera crowd and don’t know if they feeling you or not because they don’t clap or jump up until its over and you can mess the whole thing up. So just go on stage and do your thing and feel it in your heart. You got to feel the groove, that beat and do your thing!

SC: What’s with the camera you be rocking on your neck?

Kapps: The camera…. Man this is where it’s at! To be a real emcee you have to start your own trends. Don’t get caught up in fads, because if you get caught up in fads, it eventually ends. That means your career will be over. So if everyone came out rocking No sleeves, DON’T DO IT, if everyone is rocking rope chains, DON’T DO IT! Be timeless! People stop me in the streets when they see this. I was buying Chinese the other day & I said “Lemme get some chicken wings” & the guy was like (in Chinese accent) “No No” “what’s this on your neck?” Chicks stop me in the streets; dudes stop me in the streest, (I be like dude, do you really feel comfortable with stopping me in the street dog, looking on my neck like you a chick?) that’s crazy! So everyone gets excited over this. This is my kaleidoscope. When you look through it, you look like a fly. I think that’s dope. This is like my rope chain, so when I get on it’s going to be all platinum & diamond up. But right now it’s just cardboard. Everybody gets the point…. It’s My Thing!

SC: Underground Cosigns:

Kapps: Live Wire definitely, Mickey Factz another one definitely, Print, Outa Sight, this chick I’m working with named Bunny Rabbit she’s dope, Cocoa Sarii, & Jimmy Edgar.

SC: Street Cosigns:

Kapps: Ummm Geesh!I love the New Jay-z album (American Gangster) I’m cosigning that, definitely feeling that. I’m kind of feeling Kanye, he’s been going all out. I’m just waiting to see what he’s going to do for his next project because he’s done everything, its like what else can he do? I’m saying I’m here now. I’m here now! Family it’s Kapps! You already know what it is! My girl LaFemme, I love her. I love her.

***Street Cosignor Fact: Thelonious Kapps has signed his deal with a Major record label. No further information will be given at this time.


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