Monday, November 26, 2007

R-Kelly boots Ne-Yo off of the Double Up Tour

I'm sooooo NOT late on this info, it was just that I was too busy being a fat lard bastard the whole week of Thanksgiving (if you know me, you know I'm nowhere near fat...just greedy as hell) lol.

But anywho... This nigga Robert otherwise known as R. Kelly is killing my soul. After only two performances, R-Kelly had Ne-Yo dropped from the Double-Up tour. The reason being the lacking of a signed contract (Alleged fucking ly). This came as a total shock to not only fans...but Ne-Yo as well. Ne-Yo spoke about the situation on some of our favorite radio stations and stated that he never met R-Kelly in his life, he also said that he was doing everything possible to make the tour a success, and that he could've atleast told him face to face. Ne-Yo also said that he still respects Kels as an artist, but he no longer respects Kels as a man. Do you wanna hear my opinion on this? Wrote a song about, like to hear it? Hear it goes......

(clears throat and begins to sing)

Ne-Yo I swear its Deja Vu
Kels shitted on you & Jay-z too
So here's some advice from me to you
you wont get the boot if he's BETTER THAN you

(Walks off doin the Beyonce)
**Okay okay, so I threw in an extra line in... yall mutha fuckas get me!
Street Cosignor Question: Does the R in R-Kelly stand for Robert or Ramona?
Street Cosignor Answer: It's posssible b/c its obvious that if you're out shining Kelly he will try to fuck up yo shit. That was a bitch move. Honestly I stopped respecting kelly as a man when he pulled his last stunt at the best on the Best of Both Worlds tour... with the pepper spray bull & all that. Dis nigga is a trip! I'm sure most of the women bought the tickets for Ne-Yo & J-Holiday anyway(RME)!

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