Monday, November 5, 2007

Jam Master jay's murderer had A Distinctive Tattoo!!

WOWWWWWW!! A distinctive Tattoo?!?!? Its been Five years since the case Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) the Dj Hip Hop pioneer group RUN DMC was gunned down in his studio October 30, 2002. Its been Five years and investigators still have little information on the gunman. An unidentified witness who was in 24/7 Studios the night of Jason's murder said that the killer had a tattoo on his neck...wait the paper read a "DISTINCTIVE" tattoo on his neck(lets not leave that big word out.(SMFH) The witness now reports that another witness would be essential to the case if he'd only speak up. We're losing alot of our Hip Hop artists in negative ways for unknown reasons. The only logical answer we can come up with is pure jealousy. If this continues "HIP HOP is DEAD" wont be just the name of a song but a KNOWN fact!

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