Monday, November 19, 2007

Let the Church say Amen!

My blog caters to music of all kind. I've been hearing a buzz thru the net about a Japnese Gospel Choir who truly sings from their soul. I gotta call from my girl Christal(wuddup) who tipped me off that they were gonna be in New York. So I took a trip to Haven International Ministries home of Overseer Richard Hartley.It was such a great concert that 90% of the audience couldn't sit down! There I got to enjoy beautiful gospel music. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mariah Carey's vocal coach Melanie Daniels(whose vocal cords will put Ms. Carey's to shame any day), & Dr. Edwin Hawkins who is known for his smashing hit "Oh Happy Day", as well as the Infamous Tokyo Mass Choir that was mentioned earlier.

Tokyo Mass Choir Performance

La Femme & Dr, Edwin Hawkins

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