Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rewind That- AZ Feat. Nas

I had to put this video up. AZ is one of my favorite emcees. Too bad nigggas still sleep on him. This video I chose today was Mo Money Mo Murder Mo Homicide off the Doe or Die album which was released in 1995. I'll never forget when the video first debuted on Rap City. I was a senior in High School and I just had my first son. I was out on leave and was receiving home tutoring. My social studies tutor, Mr. Tobkes was over and I was taking an exam. I had the television on BET and the volume on mute. I looked at the screen and all I saw was the words AZ feat Nas (Yall know the words I'm talking about that come up as they start playing the video with the artist, song title, album, director, and record label and shit) and I didnt even excuse myself from the test I just unmuted the T.V. and got in my zone. I just happened to pan to my right and Tobkes was watching the video with me. I said "Mr. Tobkes, You Go Boy" (cuz thats when Martin was on Channel 5, and every nigga was saying any phrase from his show every chance they could).

So here is AZ feat. Nas Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide (you catch that body nigga betta have an alibye, you never know it just might be ya time you to take that ride, to them pearly white gates watch that suicide) Please dont fuck wit me when it come to music..... I KNOW MY SHIT LIKE THAT!

I love every song AZ and Nas ever did together. Those two niggas together are lethal! I even got hype of that Sprite commercial they did way back. Peep Flow:

I got mad open of that fucking commercial, on some run to the tube every time I heard it.
"Firm comes first Obey Your Thirst, Nas and AZ all day it hurts"


bigdee said...

Classic hip hop Nas all day everyday...

Mr.Tottenberry said...

One of the best hip hop commercials of all time