Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mic Check: Pacific Division

Mic check of the week goes to Los Angeles Rap group Pacific Division. Pacific Division consist of 3 members Like, Mibbs and Be Young. This rap group started in 2000 where they all attended the same high school and played Basket Ball. I would describe their style of music as a mixture of early 90's hip hop and present hip hop. Their music has caught the attention of many known producers and artist like Pharell Williams , Quest Love ( The Roots) , Ludacris, Producer 9th Wonder and Snoop Dogg. I bumped into these guys on MySpace and fell in love with their lyrics , sound, creativity and their passion of Good and lasting music.  My favorite tracks from PD are "F.A.T Boys '08" , "Gorgeous" , "Women Problems" , "All i want" and their funny ass song "Pause". I would like to end this Mic Check by saying that this group is dope and i admire the fact that they are not following the trend of wack ass music that only got a dance to it and a dumb ass chorus talking about nothingThis trio is definitely cooking up some good music, are you ready to taste???
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Paper feat Tiron Video:

F.A.T Boys '08 Video:

Women Problems Video:

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