Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mic Check: D.Folks

Mic check of the week goes to Virginia native D.Folks. D.Folks is a pop/ soul singer with an incredible voice and sound. D. Folks always knew music would be part of his life and career since a very young age. His mother noticed his talents and would always bribe him with candy to sing in front of the family. At age 6 his mother bought him Prince's 1999 album and that changed his life forever. He has been working really hard for the past years to get noticed and achieve his dreams. His songwriting skill knows no equal and his production and arranging talents have been compared to that of Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and R.Kelly. If you need to escape from your daily radio songs  you should definitely go with D.Folks his songs are so soothing , calm and relaxing. His talents have landed him to open up for The Roots and Virginia native Kenna. He was also featured in the Nappy Roots last album. My favorite songs from him are " Fresh cut Flowers" , "Stacey Love" and "Jupiter". D.Folks has his family Soul Provider Management holding him down and nothing will stand on his way to make a mark in the music industry. I would like to thank LMC for introducing me to D.Folks . To get more information on D.folks check out his my space


Check out his new single " Home" 

Check out the video for his song titled "Jupiter" 

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