Thursday, September 4, 2008

A-Smash & Mickey Factz- Paper Planes

Here's a Message from A-Smash about the track him and Mickey did:

What's the word homie? It's A-Smash and as I continue to grow and move musically, I wanna present to you PaperPlanes feat. the uber-talented Mickey Factz. Shoutout to GFC! We did this in the winter before everybody else even knew how dope M.I.A.'s joint was/is. I held on to it with plans of throwing it on this disc I planned.. wtf? (disc? smh). My baaad.
And please don't get the lyrics confused, I'm not Retiring just Transitioning if u will. Me and Mick was just ventilating real quick and Mick went in in. So here goes.
Oh and I know there's been a few good versions by the flux of artists that got on in it recent weeks but.. we got the best one. lol..

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