Saturday, December 29, 2007

Why cant these Celebs stay out the freakin Courthouse?

Now they got my girl Amy going before judges & ish! SMH (literally)
British singer Amy Winehouse was ordered to appear in a Norwegian court in connection with a drug possession fine she incurred in October.

Winehouse, her husband and her hairdresser were arrested at Hotell Norge in Bergen after allegedly smoking marijuana, possessing more than seven grams of the drug and disabling a fire alarm, Aftenposten reported.

Amy denied any wrongdoing and said her hairdresser was the owner of the marijuana (::whispers:: Amy's a snitch). However, all three of them signed a statement and accepted a fine of $722. The singer later said she did not understand what she signed (::pauses::How is she signing ish she dont know what she signing? Is she a fool? Why wasnt her attorney present? Maybe the brawd doesnt have 1 smh. She was dumb enough to sign papers without having an understanding, she dumb enugh not to have a lawyer) and expressed concern that the citation could hurt her career and possibly keeping her from traveling to the United States.She has been ordered to appear in person in a Norwegian court in February to testify about the circumstances of her arrest, the Bergens Tidende newspaper said.The court will then determine if Winehouse was deceived when she was given the statement to sign.

"It would have been hopeless for the court to decide this case without the three of them here in person," said police lawyer Rudolf Christoffersen. ( See even the pigs was smart enough to have an attorney) . I AINT TAKIN AMY!

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