Friday, December 28, 2007

Nas Performs @ The Hammerstein Ballroom NYC

Nas doesnt perform that often in his hometown of NYC. But when he does its banoodles LOL!!!
Nas performed last week wednesday at the hammerstein ballroom in NYC. He was so happy to be perfroming in his home. "Oh my God, the greatest city in the whole world," Nas yelled. The word of the night was "I'm hyped right now". He was taking it back when he was In The Firm with AZ and Foxxy Brown. He Kept yellin "Where's AZ at?" "Foxy's in jail. Life changes, don't it ... I love them, wish they were here."
He also shouted out my favorite mr. Qtip During "One Love," Nas had to go at it alone as well "Where's my n---a Q at?". Nas performance was electric , it was definetly poppin in there. He brought chrisette michelle and Busta Rhymes. Nas and Busta took it back to 1997 when hiphop was its best. Check the videos below of some of his performances.


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