Monday, December 10, 2007


Who said the The Retro Kids can't dance? We dont recall where we read it but this past Friday @ Manor NYC, we had an ill dance off to some old school music, (Shout out to the DJ that night) It was definately on and poppin. It was so crazy, that I lost one of my earrings. When it was found it was smushed w/ no post. (SMH) That's what happens when you go back to your dancing roots. (lol) The Retro Kids showed and proved that they can dance they asses off. HOWEVER, E* Star & I held it da fuck down bring back some of the old school dances some you old cats remember from watching Video Music Box and some of you young cats learned from watching House Party I & II (lol)

You do the Math: Retro Kids + E*Star + LaFemme= A Dance Battle that was Banoodles

**This photo was taken my Dee P. after the battle**

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