Monday, December 31, 2007

Nas My Favorite Rapper

This cover is sooo MEAN! I hope this is the album cover, but you know how the industry is... Shit can get sooo Crazy and change! I love Nas.. just thought I'd add that. I've been a fan before his video debut in "Back to the Grill" w/ MC Search! If you youngsterz never saw that video, no need to search, I got that right Hurrrrr! This is when he was Nasty Nas! Glad he got rid of the Nasty, it was soooo generic to me. I actually always called him Nas!


ABM Q-Boro said...

Dope! Def a classic. Chubb Rock in the scene with the popcorn = Classic :X

Fly Ty said...

I showed you ya first Tech on tour wit' Large Professor/ and then I hear a album 'bout Tech on the dresser/ © S.C. Carter

...that's all I can think about whenever I hear this verse. But on the real, Nasir straight surpassed Jay.