Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme winner Rece Steele

Congratulations to Lorice Steele a.k.a Rece Steele, after eight episodes she ended up taking the crown on the VH1's final episode of "Miss Rap Supreme." According to, the daughter of former rapper L.A. Star, 25-year-old Rece Steele has been rapping for a lengthy 13 years. Now she has the bragging rights of "Miss Rap Supreme" and a fairly decent amount of money; $100,000 "I feel great. The doors have opened and it's time for me to step into what I'm really trying to do, which is to be a hip-hop artist, represent the ladies in a big way and work really hard to put us back on the map," Rece Steele stated in a VH1 interview. "I'm going to use it for promotion and stack the rest of it away," Rece Steele told VH1. "I'm trying to get my hands on the next check, so I need to get out there and promote myself." The season finale featured celebrity appearances by producer Will.I.Am, Missy Elliott, and Kool Keith.

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