Monday, June 30, 2008

Lyfe Jennings will use his voice to raise HIV/AIDS Awareness in his New Summer Concert Tour

Lyfe is partnering with Music World Entertainment to launch a program in support of the “Heightened National Response to the HIV/AIDS Crisis Among African Americans,” to promote awareness, education and testing in response to the African American U.S. HIV/AIDS crisis.  Entitled “It’s Real. Preserve Your Lyfe!” the program will mobilize local health facilities in 22 tour cities to distribute “Lyfe Change” kits featuring important HIV/AIDS prevention and education resources as well as copies of Lyfe’s song, “It’s Real,” about the HIV/ AIDS epidemic.

Lyfe, has always been a puclic advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness working with programs including BET’s Rap-it-Up campaign. He says, “I have to use my voice to help raise awareness so that we can really bring an end to this thing. This disease has affected all of our lives, but we can definitely do things to prevent its spread and to protect ourselves.”

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