Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zonaseis Presents Electronic Swag

Fresh before the start of a New Year, is the release of hip hop's breakthrough brotherly duo that is Zonaseis,
with the release (available for free download) of their "album before the album", entitled: Electronic Swag.
This 10 track project is a great refreshment for hip-hop fans (and taste-maker's alike), to groove to and enjoy.
Standout tracks include the ever-so-infectious Cybertron , and Capo Ca Nioneri .
This musical opus is executive produced by Zonaseis, and was independently released through Essounds ENT.
Electronic Swag is a great look for any progressive hip hop fan, or for any music lover who can appreciate hard bass thumping beats laden with futuristic synth's,
added with convicted lyricism, and a keen sense for Hip Hop's new direction.

Download Here

Esco I see you!

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