Wednesday, December 31, 2008

N.O.R.E. On A Diet Part 12

My nigga NORE going IN on his diet. I sooooo respect that man!

Here's a some words from N.O.R.E :

To end the year off right, here is the last workout video for 2008. N.O.R.E. started his workout routine in September and has shown great results. N.O.R.E. has already lost over 65 pounds, the bet is still on with Busta Rhymes, a new CNN album is on the way and N.O.R.E. is feeling great! N.O.R.E. had the following to say:

"Im sitting here on the worlds most famous, most none hate website and I'm listening 2 Kiss' song "Letter To Big" and I can't get over thinking I wrote a letter 2 pun 1st LOL.

Any who, this the last blog off the year. It's been a great year and bad year all n one. I wish everybody a happy new year and let's get money!!

My new years resalution( don't know how 2 spell it) is 2 only do business with out any feelings I will no longer have any feelings with this business. I will proceed as close 2 a white person as much as possible!!!!!!

Still haven't had a drink and Soulja Boy is officially the craziest person on the net!! He got me and Joe Budden's beat by far. Peace!!!!!"

Also, check out the preview of N.O.R.E.'s "Shoot Yaself In Da Foot" blog. First blog of 2009 & N.O.R.E. is wilding out!!!

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