Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ron Browz Feat Jim Jones & juelz Santana- Pop Champagne (Remix)

Sorry Guys, you're gonna be gettting a few videos from me late. I am trying to adjust to a new schedule that has me knocked out at 9am and up at 5am..SMH!

This video looked like they had mad fun! The funniest shit was comedian Mike Epps trying to GET LITE (lmao)! I'm still stuck on why Ron Browz is the feature on this video and its his song. I hear it on the radio as Jim Jones song and now I'm seeing it on a lot of sites. Not that I have anything against Jim, but it is Browz's joint.

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Good Life said...

Word He didnt even debut his own joint on 106 & Park.....somethings a lil funny there........