Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mic Check: Poca The Paper Girl

A little older and a lot wiser, this Bronx native is keeping the ball rolling.

Not the previously beloved basketball, but her current dream of being one
of the best to pick up a mic. A lot has changed since Poca the Papergirl's last CD
"Where Poc Been?". Image wise she has done away with the bone straight hair, that
most know her for, and has decided to take the spiritual route of locking her hair. “No
perm just some locks and a long john", is how Poca would describe it. Music wise, She
has made the leap from X-Family Entertainment (founded by herself and Spanish Joe)
to AudioWorx ENT, which is run by New York's underground kingpin
Skyzoo. Another thing that has changed and Poca is very proud of, is she now holds a bachelor's degree in business management. Though she has yet to find her niche in the business world, Poca is a strong believer in fate and believes her struggles are not in vein. Instead, she believes they came in order to encourage people going through the same, by way of her music.

During her hiatus, Poca has grown and rebirthed. She is even more passionate about her story, her struggles, and her lyrics than she has ever been. She believes millions of women can relate to new tracks, from her current project entitled, “The Comeback Kid”’ such as "Misunderstood" and "The Come Up" (produced by Dj Mills). Tracks like these give fans an insight into where Poc's been this time around.

Misunderstood (Mills Bounce) - POCA THE PAPERGIRL

 Poca's previous project, "Where Poc Been?" has allowed her to be featured in/on media outlets such as Onwax magazine,,, and With guest appearances by Skyzoo, Hasan Insane, John Shotti, Wordsmith, producer L.A Eric G, and battle queen Lady Luck, Poca is sure to gain much more media attention this time around. 

Nikes laced up, Polo shirt brushed off, Poca is ready to lead the movement for "papergirls" everywhere. When asked who she is this time around, Poca simply replies, "The Comeback Kid! Back like I never left. Ahhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha".

Poca Introduces herself to her fans: 

Poca Performing At Fish Head Cantina In Baltimore:

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