Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ron Browz's Pop Champagne......

is one of the hottest songs in the club right now! I'm dead ass serous. The producer that brought your Nas's Ether and many other exclusives beats, hit us with yet another banger! This time his on vocals are over the beat. That's whats flow! Just listen to how the beat starts off.. That shit sound like some African/Belly dance beat. As soon as that "ETHER BOY" comes on in the club, my girls and I start tweakin the fuck out! Ron you need a video for this ASAPITITO, and make sure you hit up me & E to be in this video. We'll hold it down... TRUST!

Besides the fact that he makes hot beats... Browz's is hot PERIOD! I'm talking Maximum Shorto!

Pop Champagne - Ron Browz

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