Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mixtape: Theo - The Birth [Mixtape]

01. Hi (Produced by Judah)
02. There’s Meaning (Produced by Kris Fame)
03. Good Morning America (Produced by Young E)
04. Sweetest Language (Produced by Profit)
05. T.V Show (My Life) (Produced by Brose)
06. Hola Oh Theo (Produced by Young E)
07. Star Struck
08. Lightwork
09. Dillagence
10. Ridin Down The Freeway
11. Keep Doing Your Thing (Feat. Skyzoo) (Produced by Kris Fame)
12. Grammy Family (Gramphone Flow)
13. Creator
14. High Life (Feat. J.A.M.E.S Watts) (Produced by Santo Angelo)
15. Somethin For Me
16. iDream (Produced by Brose)
17. Theo till Infinity (Produced by Austin White)

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