Monday, July 7, 2008

Mic Check: Dejahvue

Mic Check of the week goes to a talented young lady Dejahvue from Brooklyn. The self proclaimed princess of Hip Hop has created a buzz with her new single "I'm that chick"which has currently over 300 spins nationally.  Check out her bio and music below.

Empowering Lyrics, Refreshing Tunes, & Undeniable Star-Power……. Dejahvue reminds you of what’s missing from the game…..Raw Talent. More than just a pretty package Dejahvue is a certified triple threat that can rap, sing, and dance. In addition, she’s a monster on the court and idolizes Allen Iverson, even wearing his trade mark number three on her team. Far from the cookie cutter artists assembled & reproduced by imitative record executives; this 4foot 11inch beauty is bringing nothing but heat. Born on November 5, 1990 to Nicole & Timothy Harris, and raised in the gritty streets of East New York Dejahvue started humming and singing before she could walk & talk. At eighteen months, Dejahvue’s family & friends were treated to her first, but far from last solo performance. At the age of 4, her father became an innocent victim and was tragically shot in a senseless dispute. Although they only shared a short time together, Dejahvue acquired his love for basketball and hip-hop. Life following her father’s death was a series of struggles. Forced to become a single-parent Nicole kept her daughter active in dance & voice lessons. She grew up listening to Lil Kim, The Notorious BIG, Tupac and Jay Z.

In 2000, at a charity event attended by Wyclef, Jada Kiss, June Ambrose, and others the young starlit blew everyone away with an impromptu dance performance. That performance raised eyebrows and invited inquiries about the budding star. From talent shows to block parties, Dejahvue has displayed her talent all over Brooklyn, and is now ready to share it with the world. Having been around hip-hop royalty all her life from Jay-Z carrying her around when she was an infant to playing around in Kool G Rap’s studio; it’s no wonder she effortlessly commands the microphone. Her confident lyrics and sassy delivery is sure to capture & keep your attention. At the age of 16, she is the first artist to be signed to Pink Panther Records. Her debut single, “I’m That Chick”, is fast becoming the new anthem for young ladies everywhere. Dejahvue is assuming her title as the “Princess of Rap” and doesn’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.   Dejahvue MySpace page

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