Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi-Jynx Presents Smells Like Money

The same dude that brought you the track Kryptonite is back with his 1st mixtape. I just downloaded it because I havent been home and tha shit is hot! Download this mixtape and get familiar with Hi-Jynx. He's a real lyricist.

1. Thesis
2. Candy
3. Pick Pocket
4.Smells Like Money
5. Pursuit
6. Gnat (Ft. Young Deon)
7. Money's Not Enough
8. Broken Heart (Ft. Sasha)
9. Kryptonite
10. Castle of Love (Ft. Sasha)
11. Refund
12. Money Love


1 comment:

arcieri keness said...

That's my guy right there