Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice-T Ragging on Souljah Boy and Lil Mama

On some real shit, I feel what Ice is saying that there are rappers out there better than a lot of these new artist. We all know the industry is on some "who you know shit", but you can't be mad at niggas getting money.


MAJESTY said...

I agree with Ice-t with Soulja boy music is wack. But I disagree regaring Lil' Mama. She is very talented and has lyrics,swag,& a FLOW.

LaFemme said...

souljah boy music is what I call " Kid Mercial" Commercial music for the kids. But i cant front Lil Mama hot and she can freestyle her as off. but yet still niggas cant be mad that they getting money. Maybe other emcees should get new marketing managers.