Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fire Thief, DJ CT, Sickness, Sono, DJ Gwiz, RMPNG, and Peyton Flow - Gamefaqs - A Millie remix

These guys hang out around on the Hip Hop boards of Boxden.com and Gamefaqs.com (video game help website). I don't know who told these guys they could rap. But I was so disgusted when I listened to this. This is the worse A milli remix I've heard thus far!
Shout out to Dunnyfor bringing this my attention!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hang out at GameFAQs' R&HH board and I really don't see how Fire Thief is considered talented. He's said gay shit before. He once said Weezy was hot.

Anonymous said...

no u

Anonymous said...

good job at picking the worst rappers on that board instead of the dudes with actual talent.