Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This group of five is signed to Digga's Six Figga Entertainment( Never heard of them). A member of the group sent me an email with the subject reading.."you might like this". SMH!

Click Here


Anonymous said...

why is this in "are you kidding me", shit is fire

bigdaddysnuff said...

how did ya'll neva heard of six figgaaaaa !!!! did ya'll eva hear Cant stop wont stop by the young gunz, or many men by 50, or any of killa cams first 2 albums, jay z's dope man, he even produced for j lo, ya'll chicks made yaself look foolish fam lol this track is tuff, and what are ya'll even cosigning lol

Anonymous said...

i was googling these dudes cuz i came across the journal on hiphopgame and im surprised to see this group and this song represented in this way. If u didn't know they r up and coming dudes who actually do their thing.