Monday, June 2, 2008

LL Cool J-Hi Hater Freestyle

He had some of hot lines on this track, but he wildin out if he thinks no new rappers are better than him. It's true he did pave the way for a lot of emcees, and I'm sure they recognize and respect him, but does he expect them to shout him out and acknowledge him in every song?????


What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

i'm trying to figure out when he said everybody has to shout him out u sound like a jackass~!!!!!! shit is fiya!!!! bottom line.

LaFemme said...

Lol... He didn't say it, but he respects Game b/c he shouted LL out on his song. I simply asked does he expect everyone to shout him out.
I most def did not say it was wack, he did have some hot lines. I'm glad you think its fiya, thats why everyone is entitled to something called an "opinion". I have mine and you have yours Mr. or Ms. ANONYMOUS!


A cute Jackass!

Anonymous said...

Hot Lines....are you kiddin me yo? This is the G.O.A.T. youngin & he spit sub par flames to bait a nigga....what young hoppers call trappin' feel me? I dare any of these cats that you know/feel have a shot in a they don't know me, Jay mos def don't want it but will attempt due to a few rumors of past but in the end, he will get ethered worse than what Nas gave him.