Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Leak # 23 & 24: Mickey Factz Rockin & Rollin (Original Version) & The 6 Letter Word

A Message From Mick:

"Now your stuck in The Matrix, Morpheus can rap"

Red or green pill. You choose... Or do you have to? This weeks leak
I've decided to release 2 of everything. So before you today, I have 2
songs and 2 interviews for ya'll to check out. The first song I'm
going to leak is the original version of Rockin N Rollin'. This is the
version I perform on stage. Get it right, Precize produced this joint.

Rockin N Rolling Produced by Precize


The second song is called The 6 Letter Word. With all the current back
and forth about the use of the word "nigger", I wanted to give my
opinion. Jet Audio from Queens produced it. Also look out for Jet
Audio's debut project called "Truly Yours".

The 6 Letter Word Produced By Jet Audio


For those of you who actually like to read, I've provided 2 interviews
for ya'll to consume. One by Greed Magazine and the other by

The leaks are below. Enjoy and i'll see ya'll next week! The Achievement Ep is Coming!!!!

Greed Mag Interview



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