Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ben One feat. Shawnna- Never Leave My Girl

I like this song! Ben One is a kind of cute too!

For all the chicks who like fuckin with niggas who have girlfriends, with the hopes of someday dude will leave the girl for you..... SLIM CHANCE baby! I've only seen a few cases when a bitch was playing ball and came off the bench because the dude got rid of the main bitch. If you're in a situation like that now, and a dude wants his cake and wants to eat it too, here's La Femme steps for Cake Eaters:
1. Act like you going to give the nigga the cake
2. Smile and let his mouth water for the cake
3. And when he opens his mouth to eat, pull it back
4. Then throw the fuckin cake in the garbage
**This is not for every chick that fuckin another chicks man, its just for the chicks with "High Hopes" **


Peep the Making Never Leave My Girl Video, Chi Town definately be holding each down yo. Shout out to Chuck Inglish (one-half of The Cool Kids), Qwazaar (of Dirty Digital), Shawnna & DJ Flipside (B96), DJ V-Dub (WGCI) who made a cameo appearances in the video!

Shout out toBecca the Promo Mamifor sending me the footage for this.

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