Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jade "It's My Heart, Cookie" EP

My boo Jade's EP is hot! I'm rockin to He Needs Me, Up and Out, & Take the Hit Featuring my boy Theophilus London just to name a few. I don't wanna give all the songs away.

Download Here

Check out Jade's Promo for the EP Here

Also Go visit Jade's Myspace page, where you can read her bio, hear more music, and make friends with her friends!

You'll be a fool not to download Jade's EP... "It's My Heart, Cookie"! Besides its for Fuckin Free!

JADE.....You've officially been Street Cosigned!


BlackMan said...

This ep down right hot. Great music first track is a banger play that bad boy loud. I'm going to try and get my boy to post this on his blog to spread some love I'll make sure to include this url if he decides to post it. This is a great artist to look out for good music at its best. I don't know much about her but her music is great grade A do your self a favor and spend a hour or two on this ep. It's very good I'm glad these blogs are so good other wise I would be out of the loop.

Sorry for the spelling I'm writeing this on my blackberry. Peace out and thanks for the good music.

DeenScene said...

The song is god . but this girl need better style to get noticed. i heard it and i was like "she actualy has talent" but she needs style too. DeenScene can help...who is this girl's stylist???