Monday, March 16, 2009

Shots Fired at Nick Cannon!!!!!!

So The-Dream's album Love v.s. Money dropped this past Tuesday March, 10th. And might I add his whole album is hard! He's my new R-Kelly minus the "Chester Chester" flow. There is a track at the end of the album titled Mr. Yeah where he says....."Ask Mariah, I touched that body like. I get it you wanted a little boy friend and you went and got one. But you know like I know that he can't love you like I do So whenever you wanna come back and stand beside me I can make you what you deserve to be a woman."
Everyone thinks he getting at MiMi's new young hubby Nick Cannon. I cant even sugar coat these lyrics because I think they're directed at Nick too! Although Dream didnt call any specific name, the lyrics cant get any clearer. What makes it even more obvious is that Mariah is featured on his track "My Love". I gotta call it like I see it on this one. I wonder what Nick has got to say about this because the shots has offically been fired BULLET BULLET BULLET!!!!

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